Atigir aTurkia aftershocks should still

Atigir aTurkia aftershocks should still be in the next 8 hours.

Group Quakeredalert

The group began shortly Quakeredalert invites people who would doubt or even want to test for accuracy visiting our twitter...

prediction confirmed Virgens Island Recent

confirmation of the recent Prediction earthquake Virgin Islands this morning of July but still awaiting the possible earthquakes that are...


Probability earthquake in Jakarta next 24 hours.

Prediction Earthquake Xinjiang

Earthquake prediction in China Xinjiag in the next 48 hours.

Prediction Earthquake Peru

Predictions of today May 7 23:00 Hours of Brazil for the next two days Peru earthquake near Lima.

prediction of new earthquakes Mexico island Virgens

prediction of new earthquakes in the early hours of May 7 to Baja California, Mexico and the Virgin Islands in...

predictions confirmed Earthquakes Central América;região_de_Porto_Rico;18.97N;65.71W;71;2011 Up till now I confirmed the predictions of earthquakes in Puerto Rico, a region of California and Mexico, and still...

Safe lifes #HootSuite http://hootsuite.c

Safe lifes #HootSuite

Predictions Earthquakes Central America

Possibilities of aftershocks in the region of Central America in the next three Horas. Previsão between 20:00 and 22:30 UTC /...
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