I have been following the comments all over the world and came to the conclusion that I must continue to search for more discreet way.
Seeking partnerships for doctors in the area who are willing to hear my theory.
Do not think that is nice to post that this will happen here or there, why not!
I decided to make public my research because I have heard many people saying it would be impossible to make early predictions about which regions would be hit and decided to show what is possible as a result.
The fact that I have posted many things that did not happen that was positive for twitt not be taken as absolute truth.
Well! the fact is that if I get a geophysicist who is willing to sit down to hear what I have I will be happy to show how it works.
With more powerful computers will be possible basis for calculating more accurate and error margin of one hundred percent.
Sorry if some researcher led to more harm that would be just the beginning.
Not wish the government were to withhold information on himself, but could help people.
And of course I would not send anything that could lead to panic at that time already I wonder about this new tool.
Thank you all.


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