4.6 New Jersey event migrating to Europe. Countries with risks? Look that.

Yesterday a rare event happened on the east coast of E.U.U, New Jersey, after the event raised a concern of some American followers on the risks of that event to follow to some of the cities like Washington DC. with 272 km of the epicenter.

tremor na costa de Mary Land

But another event of equal magnitude and depth indicates that this event has a high probability of migrating to Europe. A 4.6 event in the North Atlantic is one of the probabilistic segments.

image (3) francia
As some friends of mine like to look at the map, but invite them to look more closely. on a 3D map.

Some hours later an event seems to be migrating towards France or some countries that are in the route, indicating high probabilities of an event with the same similarity.
image (3)Increasingly I have to put the free info so you will have a day that you will not be able to hide.
Based on that we have some countries with event risks equal to or greater than 4.6 in the next 48 hours. They are:
Paris with low probabilities, Serbia and Montenegro with high probabilities.

image (3)



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